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As of February 2006, the Hellenic Biotech Association serves as the National Representative of Greece to EuropaBio – the European Association for BioIndustries.

The role of the Hellenic Biotech Association is to be the National Point of Contact for all biotech and life science companies in Greece. The concentration, codification and promotion of the sector’s interests to the national and European institutions are of the fundamental aims of the Association. In addition, the Association serves as the primary place for debating issues related to biosciences and biotechnology, with emphasis on the positive effects of biosciences and biotechnology in everyday life as well as the promising perspectives bio-economy offers.

The relation between the Hellenic Biotech Association and EuropaBio is reciprocal: the former has a say in the shaping of the latter’s proposals to the European Commission, proposals that aim to develop the appropriate legal framework and policies. On the other hand, the Hellenic Biotech Association promotes EuropaBio’s policies towards the Hellenic decision–making centres. The most crucial of these policies is the “Young Innovative Companies” status that enables young, innovative companies to receive direct and indirect funding and support during their first steps. This policy has already been applied in France since 2004.

HBA, Hellenic Biotech Association